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Fossil Hall

 In Taiwan's most precious treasure house of fossils, you will see Taiwans' lively primates overhead. Besides, crocodiles, Formosan sika deer, water buffaloes, porcupines, tigers and black bears from the Tsai-liao River Basin are exhibited. What can't be missed is the entire skeleton of the Hayasaka rhino. Along with various interactive devices, you will get to know the importance of the fossils of mammals in Taiwan's paleontology academia.


 The Past and the Present of Tsai-liao River:nteractive AR (Augmented Reality Multimedia)

 The Past and Cailiao River Biomes:Biota of Lifelike Large Animals

 The Past and Carnivores:

  1. Fossils of Tiger Teeth
  2. Fossils of Black Bear Teeth

 Hayasaka Rhinos:

  1. Skeleton of Hayasaka Rhino
  2. Comparisons of Bones by Interactive Multimedia



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