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History Hall

 Through the time corridor, you will know the stories of the fossil museum from nothing at all to something big. Also, you will meet the Siraya people who used to live along the Tsai-liao river basin, and see how they lived before and what their traditional culture was. Fossils in Taiwan were first excavated here. Mr. Chunmu Chen, honored to be the "Fossil Grandpa of Taiwan," contributed his finds throughout his life in this museum. Besides, scientists' research achievements over the years are also here to enrich your knowledge about fossils.


 The Past and History Hall:

  1. Exploration of Tasi-liao
  2. Siraya Relics
  3. Restoration of Siraya Housings

 Fossil Hunter - Chen Chunmu:

  1. Fossil Grandpa’s Fossil Collections
  2. Historical Images of Zuojhen

 Ancient Scripts:Original Sinckan Manuscripts

 Time Theater:Animated Restoration of Chen Chunmu Studio

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