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Evolution Hall

 Let's get back to the time when Earth was first born, and start the journey of evolution for billions of years with the most primitive beings. From the first marine organisms to move onto land, to the dinosaurs that used to dominate the earth, the breathtaking scenes are situated in the atrium. Besides, you will also see the emergence of mammals that have witnessed the rise and fall of lives on Earth. The precious specimens of genuine fossils will surprise you with the imagination as if you were there.


 Evolution Hall:

  1. Dominance of Dinosaurs
  2. Tyrannosaurus Skull
  3. Triceratops Skull
The first floor of the Evolution Hall
Walkway of the Evolution Hall



 The Beauty of Evolution:

  1. Skeletons of Various Animals
  2. Large Artistic Works

 The Ice Age:

  1. Mounted Skeleton of Cave Bear
  2. Mounted Skeleton of Gastornis

 The Return of the Dominants:Skeleton of Little Tyrannosaur 6.5 Meters Long


Skeletons of Various Animals
The Beauty of Evolution


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