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Exploration Hall

 The mystery of Zuojhen Man is firstly unveiled here. And then you will see how experts excavate, repair and restore the fossils in the fossil lab. The elephant family shows the elephant fossils discovered in Taiwan, including those of oriental stegodons, steppe mammoths, and Huai riverine palaeoloxodons. In the magic coloring classroom on the ground floor, you can even play with the animals you color on your own!


 Exploration Hall:

  1. The Elephant Family
  2. Skeleton of Huai Riverine Palaeoloxodon
  3. Q&A Interactive Multimedia

 Magic Coloring Classroom:Coloring Your Own Animals And Playing with Them on the Big Screen

Fossil lab
Space in Exploration Hall
Walkway of the Exploration Hall
Magic Coloring Classroom


Skeleton of Huai Riverine Palaeoloxodon

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